Andrea & Graham Watermark copy

The decision was made by this nature loving couple to do our photo shoot in the great outdoors there location suggestion was great. Webster’s Falls. We had to wait a bit for a break in the sky to get the opportunity to get some good light and once it cleared it gave us a beautiful dramatic light.

Andrea & Graham Watermark-5I arrived a little early to scout the spots I would like to shoot and was sadned to see that the falls were closed for the season:( Another lesson learned!

 The funny thing Is that if the trails were dry and we had time to find a way in, I know that Graham being an adventurous guy would have been a little rebellious and headed down. (Don’t worry Graham I would have done it to! LOL) It was a good thing that Andrea can be the voice of reason. No one broke the rules and no one was hurt this time around. Thanks For keeping us safe Andrea:)

Andrea & Graham Watermark-23 copy

Trying to get this couple to giggle wasn’t a challenge at all they had their little fuzzy face (Kiah) to join them for the photoshoot. She kept us on our toes, laughing at all her expressions. My favourite part was when we went to pose all three of them together Andrea and Graham were behind a bench And Kaih was suppose to be on the bench. Well she didn’t want any thing to do with that pose on the bench alone. She wanted to be with right up there with mom and dad and that lead to her balancing her bum on the tiny wooden back support of the bench. what a silly girl! thank goodness Andrea was there for balance. Kaih also wasn’t vary happy about mom and dad posing for the shoot without her but thats ok because we were happy to have her in the photos.

DSC_0380 copyI can’t wait to get these two love birds the rest of there photos.