A big shout out to Pennylane – Permanent Tattoo Makeup

My permanent makeup specialist who just recently gave me a no fuss, no smudge, permanent eyebrow tattoo. I was a little apprehensive going in for a tattoo on my face but I was confident in Penny’s skills having seen her work. when I went to her office I was happy to see how professional she was. I had to fill out the medical form and we than discussed the look I wanted. she showed me a wide variety of colours to choose from and we tested a few on my skin just to be sure. When it all came down to it i suggested she do what she thought would be best since she is the professional and does this for a living. I knew she would do a great job.

I laid back on her table and she brought the light close along with all the tools, pigment of choice and the tattooing began. I was shocked at how gentle her hand was, she has a delicate touch and it didn’t hurt one bit I actually asked her if she had started at one point. If I had to describe the feeling I would say it was more of a slight pull then a regular tattoo feeling. She said there are different pain thresholds in each individual but I have had a tattoo before and I can assure you its much less painful than that.

Pennylane used a new technique on me that she called feathering where she is actually applying an individual brush stroke instead of colouring the brow in completely. This was one of my concerns because I do have a darker brow that gets lighter on the sides and that is where i spend my morning colouring in the sides of my brows. I was nervous that it may be to dark but I am completely loving the outcome. Its subtle and clean looking. When I left I was handed a home care pkg and instruction on how to take care of my new beautiful brows.

Below there are a few pics of the procedure. You can see for yourself how relaxed I actually was.

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We all know someone who has been touched by cancer feel free to watch her discuss a more important topic. her recent release of her youtube video showing more of her amasing skills and that shows how she is helping women aesthetically who are affected by mastectomy’s: Pennylane beauty – Your New Nipple( http//youtu.be/HOhl3KwSLok )