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About Corrie




Corrie Gallant is an uber-talented and multi-faceted Life-stylist if you will. She is the owner of the Beauty Barn, Medical & Oncology Esthetician, Holds certificates in holistic healing & has created her own line of Oncology training international approved Essential oils. Corrie is also the founder of the annual event Awakening to Better Beauty. Where Corrie & a team of volunteers and likeminded business connect to bring a day of luxury to women going through cancer and infertility treatments. They are treated to a day of pampering services, delicious


Corries experience in aesthetics, medical & oncology aesthetics design and natural healing and fitness has lead her through a spectacular landscape of exciting work experience and cutting-edge education.

Her hobbies include Advocating for Better Beauty regulations. She recently lead meeting with her local MP’s in her home town of brantford and Toronto to bring attention to the outdated cosmetic laws. She was also invited to go to Washington with Beautycounter. she was the only Canadian representative to attend maltiple meetings with congressmen along side Beauty Activist & Author Lindsay Dahl. Corries other hobbies include Photography, Travel, Volunteering & Design consulting she is also a huge supporter of local like minded small business.

This is one women with a passion for creativity and all things beautiful she has a great way of combining all of her loves together and is a force because of her insatiable appetite for upgrading her knowledge and skills. Corrie’s artistic style and vision is showcased in her business- The Beauty Barn Spa. Once you walk through the doors you’ll see how all her passions combined came to life in this renovated barn that is now showcases her beautiful spa. She has a way of combining her skills that captures exquisitely in a diverse yet balanced contrast.







She is A true romantic in every way, Corrie married the love of her life in 2013 Mark Aniol. Corrie and Mark make an amazing team, collaborating on projects such as The beauty Barn where her vision and Marks skills combined made this magical space. they also work on home flips & re-modelling projects together. Corrie creates the vision and Mark brings her designs to life structurally through his expertise and experience as a contractor and home inspector. If your visiting The Beauty Barn you might see her handy husband wondering about as he has a huge roll as the handsome handy man. But ask the girls work at the spa and they will tell you the truth. They think he’s really just a spa man at heart.