10519508_676242149163990_3892748306198989071_nSince she was a a child photography was always a passion & hobby for Corrie.  To this day she says “I still love being behind a camera and having life & moments captured in time to look back on”

below are a few of her favorite shots from her travels around the globe.

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Corrie says her friends and family always know ill be there with my camera in hand to capture the fun!


She love to capture Love! #ILOVELOVE

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Wild life is her favourite to photograph. She says its always hard to capture but when you get the right shot it’s always worth the wait!


Of course we can’t forget our furry friends. Ask any one that knows her and they will tell you she’s like a real life cinderella because of her ability to communicate with animals.

Bear-2IMG_4892DSC_0033 - Version 2DSC_0711DSC_0575