Country Girl-ISH / Spa Girl / Esthetician

Corrie is a licensed esthetician.  She received her medical / advanced & oncology esthetics certifications to specializes in treatments to care for a variety of clients. She started her career as a co-op student in highschool. her very first start was working for her mother Debbie Gallants beauty salon Scrupples. After high school Corrie went on to a different career graduating from fashion design in Toronto but soon realizing this what not what she was passionate about. she loved the healing energy that she missed working in a spa and soon went back into that industry to update her skills and re focus on what she wanted to do with her carrier. she went into the medical side of the spa industry working for a medical spa in Ancaster that specialized in laser treatments. than switched over to Scape spa as an esthetician for a short time before taking on a management position at grand river spa. After 6 years managing there Corrie desided she was going to opened the doors to her own spa & in 2017. The Beauty Barn was in business. the open house was a huge success bringing in over 100 guests including clients, family and friends all out to show there love and support to this little gem of a spa. It was rebuilt on her grandmothers property that her & her husband purchased 4 years prior. the couple took there time building it and were nervous if people would take the time to drive out to the country for there spa treatments. I guess what they say is true if you build it… it was a hit right from the start. The business was booming & the spas success  was on the rise and the town was all a buzz talking about this special little country escape in a old renovated barn. 2 months before her one year business anniversary and 4 days before her first annual Awakening to better beauty event a car accident left her with a serious concussion & eye issues she still struggles with today. She has been forced to take the spa in an entirely different direction than what was originally planed. But in her true positive nature she continues to push forward and see her passion projects continue. You knock her down & she will come back stronger. Since corrie needed to come to terms with the fact that she needed to either close while she took time to heal or take a big slice of humble pie and ask for help. With love of her life and friends by her side she got the courage up to ask for help and re structure the spa. This has allowed the spa to shift gears. it was a bumpy go to half to re start so early in its development but its all smooth now.  Corrie handed over the reins of doing the services she loved into the hands of to her new team of wonderful and skilled employees. That she has personally selected to take her place at her beautiful spa. she is looking forward to focusing on her healing and as she gets better seeing whats next for her and the spa.

Aesthetic Services and prices offered at The Beauty Barn can be found on there website

  • Facials
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • RF Body Contouring treatments
  • RMT Massages
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Reflexology
  • Kevin Murphy Boutique Salon
  • Safer cosmetic product selection
  • Eve Taylor
  • Beautycounter
  • Spa Ritual
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Misencile

If you would like to book spa service w/ The Beauty Barn please call (519)449-3584

Corrie and her mother both share the same passions for beauty and that has created a beautiful bond between the two. They now work side by side at The Beauty Barn Spa where Debbie is there only stylist in her boutique salon