Coressentials Holistic Healing


Corrie created her own line of 100% pure, Nature derived essential oils that are Oncology Training internatonal approved. Joyessence approved and IRise Above foundation approved. She combined crystals into her blends of oils to add extra healing qualities and to raise the vibrations of the oil. Each oil has a colour vibration that works with our chakras levels. Corrie created unscented body oils, body lotions, Beard oils & defuser and roll on essential oils to give options to her clients who are sensitive to fragrance. She stated that most spa products contain toxic ingredients and she wanted a safer option for her clients that was unscented. She created this with an option to blend safe scents into her products using her essential oils.

Corrie is a certified level2 Reiki practitioner and personalizes each of her treatments to ensure they are aligned with what is most comfortable and suitable for you.  Corrie provides a beautifully soothing atmosphere for her  clients, incorporating a comfortable massage table with fresh linens soft  and a blanket along with soothing sounds and salt stone light in the background.

What is reiki: 

Reiki is a safe and natural treatment that can improve not only your physical health in many ways, but it can also greatly enhance your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  In fact, Reiki has been effective in improving a myriad of illnesses and emotional blockages and can produce huge shifts on multiple levels.  It can also compliment any other beneficial remedies, medicines or therapeutic treatments, optimizing recovery.  Everyone has an individual experience, some of these natural benefits of receiving reiki treatments can include: improved feeling of emotional and mental balance and creativity, less stress, a soothing feeling of calm, a deep state of relaxation, an increase in energy, vitality, flexibility and agility, an awakening of awareness and clarity as well as a relief of pain or tension.


Corrie was taught her reflexology certification first hand from a Natural Healer on the six Nations Reserve. Corrie choose this path of learning because she loved their philosophies and incorporation of energy based healing as well focusing on understanding the sacred wisdom or our ancestors. In addition to the practical training she also took her reflexology and aromatherapy courses at Joyessence aromatherapy where she learned the technical content of the more traditional  courses.

To better understand why so many of us today have tired, sore feet, we need to take a quick look at the history of our feet and their contact with the ground below.  Our ancestors spent their days walking with their bare feet directly on the uneven ground as well as naturally occurring particles of debris that covered it.  As a result, the soles of their feet received constant stimulation of all the reflex points.

The first pictograph of the man massaging the feet of others was found in Egypt, where roads were smoothed in order to bring in large rocks dating back 5,000 years.  Native Americans used foot massage in their everyday life since having healthy feet was very important to their survival when traveling large distances across the lands.  Flat roads prevented feet from bending and stretching in many different ways, causing some foot muscles to become lethargic, even stagnant.

Today we have foot massage and reflexology to assist with our tired feet.  This is where the magic begins to happen.  Besides feeling absolutely indulgent, relaxing and enjoyable in the moment, the beautiful thing about receiving a reflexology treatment is that your body switches to its self-healing mode and begins to align the work of various glands and organs in the body.  Some of the amazing ways in which reflexology can benefit you include:

  • Clearing up your complexion
  • Improving blood circulation in the  feet and legs
  • Eliminating more toxins from the body through better liver functionality
  • Assisting the digestive system in moving things at a faster pace and reducing your weight
  • Causing the disappearance of headaches
  • Relieving lower back pain
  • Reflexology is a powerful treatment, and the body’s self-healing powers are amazing.