Toronto Spa and Esthetics


Design Cosmetics Corrie’s insight and skills through personal and client design projects. A true eye for decor lets Corrie create the perfect atmosphere for your home or event!

Makeup Artist Corrie provides a personalized makeup application catering to the needs of each client individually.

Holistic Healer Corrie has been attuned to channel a life force energy through her hands to heal or unblock the flow of energy through her client’s body.

Esthetician Corrie is one of the first nine people in Ontario to be certified through this intense course with hands-on experience caring for cancer patients and survivors.

About Corrie

Corrie Gallant Corrie’s passion for creativity and all things beautiful combined with her insatiable appetite for knowledge and experience in esthetics, design and natural healing has lead her through a spectacular landscape of exciting work experience and cutting-edge education in areas such as Make-up Artistry, Advanced Esthetics (including Laser and Medical), Oncology Esthetics, Cosmetology and Spa Management, Photo-shoot Styling, Event Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design and most recently Reiki and Reflexology.

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