Oncology Esthetics

Corrie recently became certified in Oncology Esthetics through the leading Oncology for Esthetics Certification Program, originally launched in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.  Corrie is one of the first nine people in Ontario to be certified through this intense course with hands-on experience caring for cancer patients and survivors. She is currently working on becoming a volunteer with the Look better feel better program.

Chemotherapy, radiation as well as the use of medications in cancer treatments can cause a wide variety of side effects; some depleting the skin of essential nutrients leaving you with sensitivities, dryness and irritations. Through a private complimentary initial consultation Corrie will learn about your specific case before performing any treatments.

Corrie will be someone you can confide in or lean on.  She will be there for you, even if all you need is a helping hand to support you through this process. Having a knowledgeable, and caring certified esthetician who is specifically trained in advanced skin care for oncology as well as other ways to support you, can make all the difference in the world.

Complimentary Consultation:

Start with a private and personalized consultation skin analysis. Corrie will take note of any of your current treatments and medications and she will also ask that you know your nadir readings or get consent from your doctor before your treatment.

Skin Therapy Facial:

Corrie is trained to work with your current and changing skin.  Let Corrie give you a customizable “Soft Touch Therapy” facial which is designed to gently soothe and repair health-challenged skin.

Reiki: (See holistic service page)

Dry skin? Hand, Foot, body or Scalp therapy:

Medications can leave you with dry sensitive skin. These services can be relaxing and stress-reducing you treatments could include moisturizing wraps, light scrubs if required and light massage techniques on the hands, feet scalp or body. If your needing cooling stones they can be added to your service.



Makeup: Corrie specializes in makeup and provides a personalized makeup application using more natural mineral based products if needed as about a lesson with a focus on evening out tone and texture dealing with dry skin as well as creating a natural brow and lash line.





Hair Therapy & Wigs:

Meet Debbie she is Corries mother and has been a hairdresser for many years. she has owned her own salon and worked with celebrities as well. Debbie can provide you with support and advice to help you cope with decisions and changes that come along with the effects of the medications. Please note its important to remember you may lose your lashes or brows. Corrie can make note of your natural shape prior to the hair loss so you will be able to replicate and keep the authentic look of you.


Consider Debbie Gallant for your hair or hair peice stylist. Having to make theses decisions alone can be hard Debbie has worked for many years with clients going through treatment. If you decide to shave or cut your hair prior to & during your treatment even if you are possibly speculating about whether to wear a wig or not, bring in your concerns or options to Debbie or Corrrie. This mother daughter team will support you with those tough decisions and guide you on creating the best look that makes you feel beautiful and full of dignity.

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