Sweet Angel Baby AngelicaAngelica (Watermark)-14

Angelica (Watermark)-5From the moment that this little one came through the door she was so aware of me and where the camera was. She was posing and laughing like a little model.  Mom Is a yogi and was practicing throughout her pregnancy. Lady’s I think that might be the secret to having such a calm quiet baby, Not to mention how great mom looks after only 4 months. We were even able to get a few pic’s of this yoga baby and mommy duo in some of their poses. Angelica seams to love these moments with lots of giggles and belly laughs Angelica (Watermark)-59

What an angel with those big bright eyes she’s irresistible and a pleasure to have in front of the camera.

Angelica (Watermark)-8

Angelica (Watermark)-2