Well hello Baby Scarlett

Scarlett Nov 2014-3

I recently had the pleasure to photograph an amazing couple(Tracy & Garry) who were expecting the arrival of their first child. We planned to do the maternity photos a month before Ms Baby Scarlett was to introduce herself to the world. We ended up having to break the shoot into a two day shoot to be sure to get some pitchers with daddy:) On the second day of shooting I went to their home to get a few candids of the babies room for them to add as memories to the baby book.  I said to Tracy Ive never seen such an active pregnant woman. She was definitely a trooper during this pregnancy.                

 Scarlett Nov 2014 copyScarlett Nov 2014 Scarlett Nov 2014-2  

When I checked in the next day to see how she was doing she informed me that she was happy we were able to get the shoot done because she went into labour at 5am! Yes this lovely woman was in labour at the hospital and still able to text away! like I said this mom is a trooper!!!

Scarlett Nov 2014-35   Scarlett Nov 2014-21

After a couple hour’s of suspense we were happy to hear the news of beautiful baby Scarlets arrival. Mum said Scarlett was impatient and raring to go! A couple days later I was collecting props because Gary & Tracy had given me the opportunity to photograph my first new born session. I was thrilled at the idea and was on my way hunting down some vintage props to make sure this photo shoot would have lot’s of variety. When these two beauties arrived at the shoot Tracy looked amazing and only after a few days of giving birth.

Scarlett Nov 2014-19 Tracy was a natural with her new little family addition at a whopping 6lbs on the day of the shoot:) I couldn’t have asked for a better baby to photograph my first session with because Ms Scarlett Slept the entire shoot. Heres a few of sneak peeks of Ms Scarlett / My first Newborn photo shoot.

Scarlett Nov 2014-10

Scarlett Nov 2014-25

We even managed to snap a few shots with mum that day!

Scarlett Nov 2014-49Scarlett Nov 2014-41

Thanks Again Tracy & Garry