On June 7th I have teamed up with the very talented photographer Tonia from Delicate impressions photography who put together this lovely day of glamour, pampering and well being for 7 women who are fighting there personal battles with cancer.
We’ve combined a loving team of ppl who want to donate there time and skills for this beautiful day.
Ramon from RC2 films who will be donating his time to film this event. Tonia will be doing all the photography for the ladies. I will be donating my day to do makeup. My talented mom Debbie Gallant will donate her styling skills & Adolfo and Robert Galuppi salon will be donating there space in there spa to allow this day to come together.
I’m honored that Tonia chose me to do the makeup for these lady’s. There are so many ppl that have been touched by this horrible disease.
Recently I’ve become certified as an oncology esthetician. Im one of the first group of esthetician’s  in ontario  & brantford to be able to provide these services.  This is the day I will be launching these new services to the brantford area.  Women I have worked with thus far believe these new modalities are a missing portion to the emotional healing and copping process that goes along with cancer.
 For myself I am going to approach this day with love and healing in my heart for the one of my best friend’s little girl. Her name is Sonya she is only 2 and battling her fight with cancer. For more info:
face book – Smooches for Sonya image
Tonia lost her mom to cancer, Her story and her reasons to create this event is so touching. Please click the link below. For more information about Tonia & this day.
Or if you or someone you know would like to submit your story to be one of the 7 ladies please see Tonia’s blog below for the details.