DSC_0002Staging that cozy fireside atmosphere for the holidays.

Whether you have a real gas or faux fireplace, Try adding some accessorize beyond stockings and garland. To create this warm inviting look. I added a basket with fresh cut logs this add’s the feeling of a real fire Ive also added a blanket for my guests to wrap up with. Also remember to draw interest with different elements allowing your eyes to scan the area instead of just focusing on the mantle. We were able to do this with our favourite christmas addition our XL nutcracker. In my antique searches I found a great pair of old skates to hang on our mirror you could use an old toboggan or ski’s to get the same effect! last Ive added fire pokers and fire screens to finish off the look. Now all I need is to just add some hot chocolate some holiday music and I’m all ready for the season! 



6 remaining fire screens for sale.

Artisans were inspired to design these screens to resemble the ones found in European castles. they were hand made with with superior iron, steal and aluminum.

For Sale – $150-$200  (Reg price ranging from $299-$400)



8 fire side tool accessorie sets for sale.

Hand cast by skilled artisans working with superior iron, steal and aluminum, each piece was fashioned by using a hammer and forge creating both function and elegance!                                                                                                     Finishes and style options available while supplies last- (Black, Raw steal, Brushed nickel, Antique brass, Bronze)

Sale Price $50-$85  (Reg price ranging from $100-$170)