On Thursday Oct 23 2014 I had the pleasure to photograph a super cute couple Steven Branchaud and Shanon Smiley.

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This is one of my favourite love stories along with mine of course!  There story is a true fairy tail. Shanon spends the summers at the family business up north on the lake and Steven is a musician. They first met when he was scheduled to sing at there restaurant. when Steven arrived Shanon was asked to take the boat over to pick him up. He said the moment he seen her standing there as they pulled around the corner was the moment he new she was the one. the families new for a long time that these two should be togther and Shanon in typical feminine fashion resisted making the families wishes come true. YET!!! Yes his dashing smile, handsome looks and sweet sounds were like music to her ears. She finaly broke down and the two started dating each other. It wasn’t long that this beautiful girl and this handsome fella knew they were the perfect match for each other.

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When the moment came for Steven to propose he called up north to have the girls arrange to get the clothes out that Shanon was wearing the first time he seen her. (Talk about romantic! Right Lady’s!) Her sister Sarah who’s also a big fan of Stevens;) got everything ready just like he had requested. There may have been a bit of confusion as Shanon described as to why she should half to change into those clothes. With a bit of exelent coaxing from Sarah she was wearing the outfit and sent on her way to meet him at the sign. Just like the first time they met.  When she parked the boat she headed to the location where she was told to meet him and there was her prince charming in his suit waiting with a sparkling diamond to present to his gorgeous gal. Of course she excepted and the rest of the story will unfold in Sept 2015 when the couple have set the date for the wedding!


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 It special to see two people so in love. when they first got engaged it was so sweet to watch when he was singing at the restaurant he would sing in her direction and there eyes would constantly find each other and it would bring a slight smile to both there faces. I wish them a great engagement and I hope they always keep this spark with each other.

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